Who can use

Which 3D modeling applications are supported by

Do I have to install anything on my machine in order to use your service?

After file is uploaded how will it be rendered?

Do you support video output for animation?

Why can’t I see an output of my project?

What web browser is supported by

Do you do 3D projects?

Do you sell Hardware?

Do you do in-house rendering?

Where do I contact support?


Can I upload several projects at once?

I cannot use the uploader in my ipad?


How big is your cluster?

What is a GPU?

How fast is your render farm?

Do you have any hardware limitations on the number of processors I can hire for my project?

Can I Interrupt a running project?

How long would my render take?

Costs & Payments

When do I get an invoice of my payment?

Why pricing in Ghz/Cent?

Why don’t you charge by the hour?

How much would rendering cost me?

I want a special custom pricing package, can I do that?

What would happen if my account is out of balance and my render is not done yet?

Security and Privacy

What kind of data security do you have?

Are my projects private to me?

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