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Founded in Q4 2011, Exa.io was built by its founders' enthusiasm for performance, and aims to bring supercomputing level of ubiquitous performance to the artistic masses, enabling their infinite creativity.

Speed, To All

By providing the fastest rendering option, best price-performance ratio and the practicality of being accessible anywhere, Exa.io offers the perfect rendering platform.

We at Exa.io believe that advancements in technology must be democratized in the essence of wide, immediate availability of cutting edge technologies in a manner that is financially elastic; fitting all sorts of end-users budgets .

The fastest online render farm. Up to 112x faster!
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Single Machine Benchmark: Orders of Magnitude faster.

Render time
Speed difference with
Core i7 950 @ 3.06 GHz
19 hours 29 mins
229x slower
Dual Xeon X5650 @ 2.67
8 hours 22 mins
100.6x slower
5 mins 06 secs

Perfect Combination Of Maximum Speed AND Great Value

Technology is abundant, and that must be reflected on your daily workflows. Time will always be a determining factor, and Exa.io enables you to do much more in the same time span. (actually up to 112.7x more!)


Exa.io has recently won the Intel Business Challenge Middle East 2012, a very recognized business plan competition in the MENA region.

Intel Challenge MENA 2012

SeedStartup Accelerator

Exa.io has graduated from SeedStartup, an international startup accelerator based in Dubai, and member of TechStars Global Accelerator Network.

SeedStartup TechStars

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